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New product

Rotag Type 2500/4500

Wood store agitator type Rotag

The TwinHeat Rotag agitator is available in 2 sizes. Rotag 2500 with a 2,5m diameter and Rotag 4500 with a 4,5m diameter.
The Rotag agitator automatically supplies the Combi system type MCS and industrial plant CS which supplies the boiler.
The fuel is loaded directly on top of the Rotag where a large plate with stirrer wings slowly rotates and draws fuel into the delivery auger.
Rotag 2500 and 4500 is suitable for fuels such as wood chips, shavings, sawdust and wood pellets.


Click to see the Rotag 2500 and Combi system type MCS20i


Click to see a sketch with all measures

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